Paige Grieve

Paige Grieve

Paige Grieve

Operations and Leadership

(312) 543-3287 pagreve@msn.com

Paige has focused on enabling both established and start-up organizations to best realize their strategies. She has facilitated the strategic design and led the subsequent implementation of optimal asset networks, efficient operational processes, best practice capabilities, dashboards/ metrics, and organizational structures for each companies’ unique position.

In her 25+ years as an Executive, Manager, and Consultant she has worked with Consumer, Industrial, Financial, and emerging Technology companies. She has worked throughout the world, including: United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

Most recently, in addition to Consulting, Paige was EVP US Operations and then became COO Middle East for an emerging technology company focused in the construction industry. Prior to this start-up, she was the Managing Partner for Supply Chain Strategy for PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and continued that role after the acquisition of PwC Consulting by IBM Global Services.

She started her career at Procter & Gamble in the Manufacturing and Distribution Company. She had many unique positions at P&G including: managing the multi-commodity distribution center, implementing P&G’s first inventory management system, leading the finance/ business team that assessed the strategic viability of selected asset networks, and finally acting as the Real Estate Manager, working closely with the City of Chicago Planning Department and various real estate developers.

Paige earned her MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago and her undergraduate degree in Engineering from Northwestern University.


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